Sunday, July 19, 2009

I had moved my blog to tumblr and below is my new address:

This blog wil be close soonest... sorry for any incovenience caused. I had my own to reason why to close this blog.. Thanks..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Student

Jaslyn & me (at right)

Rushed for assignments without sleep for 2days, ended up with this situation in lecture class!
Johnny took our picture without notice us... paparazi...

Friday, June 19, 2009


I feel like no mood to update my blog currently. Especially after re-open school. A lot of assignments need to handle and most of it are quite heavy such as web page design which just read of code number like javascript, HTML,XHTML. Animation which need to create and draw a lot of frame for those character action, face expression, sound effect, lighting and so forth. cannot imagine now how much effort and time we need to spend on it. next, we still have thinking technique & communication Law in this sem. I will be the leader for thinking technique this time & I do hope I can done it well at the end of day.

Anyway, today just went to bazaar with my classmate after the class, which just near by my college. For 1st, I really lack of interesting to bazaar when Jas suggest would like to take a look before go home. obviously, I got a wrong perception about bazaar. I found something nice and unique. A necklace it seduce me to bring it home and of course i won't make myself disappointed with. This necklace only cost me amount RM22 but i feel worth for it. besides, i also found something nice but quite expensive like bag from HK. hope can bring it home too.

cutie mobile accessories. RM6.50 ^^

Finally, my mouse spoilt already aftar my lappie. haiz.. replace with the new one...but it functioning well compare v previous.. ^^

god. I need to continues with my flash assignment now and my thinking technique report as well. The deadline is next wed man.. sob..SoB...

Monday, May 4, 2009

My New Lappie & Nike shoes

1st, I would like to say sorry to all my friends since I had never update my blog for long.. almost 3 weeks never share with yours about my life, my happiness, my journey. I quite unlucky last month. Sick for a week and my lovely lappie also spoilt after 2 and a half year together with me. My previous lappie's Dell had retired finally after fight for me for a periods. Today, I just got my new lappie after wait for a week. Compaq Presario CQ40-308TU. Cost me pain in heart >.<

let me show you the spec of this lappie,
Core 2 Duo 2.4GHZ(P8600)
2GB DDR2 RAM (I had updated it to 4GB Ram^^)
3 x USB 2
I went out for movie's The Uninvited with Jeff yesterday. The storyline totally same as another korean movie's The Sister. Is it hollywood already lack of inspiration? just kept copy the korean or japan scary movie. really unsurpised at all for the movie! Thanks Jeff for your sushi dinner, the souveniers, and my Nike shoes. But I couldn't accept the shoes without any reason. so I promise will pay you back the money as what i said that day. God! i really "bai ka".. just spent a bundle on lappie, and now with shoes. but I really love the shoes so much.... T_T I think I should stay more at home for another few weeks. saving...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My LoVeLy BuDDy's MM BirThDay

Happy Birthday to our birthday queen's MM

My another two buddies's Gah Hui & Stephanie.

The most closer with me of course is Stephanie.

We had celebrated MM's Birthday at Delicious cafe after watch the movie's Knowing. I like the environment there which is warm and I felt comfortable too with the lighting effect. The bird cages design really attract my eyes & their creative made me admire. besides, their food also not bad.

A salad

A pasta

A pie as well... shit!! forgot to take picture for our dessert- chocolate brownies..>.< that's what I would like to recommend to you guys... TRUST me, it's really nice.. go to try it out!!

I really ate a lot that day... before we had to meet with MM, we had took a lot of sushi at Sushi King. Felt so hungry to walk around for MM's birthday gift.. We got a bag from Geb for her and feel great that MM's love the bag so much!!

damn!! The skirt I saw at ZARA. I love the cutting and design so much since it fixed my body pretty well! but it cost amount RM199. SoB....sOb.... Better put it back to ZARA..Crazy for the dress.....My RM199.. I LOVE THE DRESS!!!! T_T

Finally, I got something that I found for long...this's some healthy product and good for skin! RM72 for bottle. It worth for health & beauty ^^ hahaha

That's all for my weekend!! tired enough for this whole week..I think now is the better time to rest and recharge before start my another final report ..another report need to hand up soon.. >.<>

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My FaReWeLL WiTh G2

Farewell party on Friday!!
Thanks to my team members to invite us a lunch at Sakae, Pavillion.
That's great!!

My manager's Jen. she is a busy women/workaholic.
kept on talking about company tasks while in lunch with us.

My on-site supervisor's Michelle Lee.
Just kept on eating...she can eat a lot...

Audrey(Left) & Jolene Loi (Right).
nice smile~

Audrey & me.
Audrey, you made my eyes look damn small.. >.<
Don't want to take photo with you anymore..

2nd round
My favourite - Steamboot for dinner.
2 types of steamboots we order which were porridge steamboot and tom yam steamboot.
Thanks to my Director Manager's Eddie Soo who paid for it.
(Not dare to take his picture... ok la..then just put the only guy in my team-Rafe.)

There's no end yet after dinner.
3rd round at Zouk that night around 11pm.
had fun with you guys..

Last, thanks to my supervisor Michelle for the present.
I feel touching here.....
Michelle, Thank you so so much.
I love it!
I guess you can read my mind cause I really need a pouch badly.


I LoVe DreSs

Shit! I suppose went to Sungai Wang on Thursday to choose a birthday gift to Mei Mun for her 21yrs old birthday but can you see what I ended up with? Nice Haul for myself... I have addicting on dress currently. I bought 3 dresses with a stocking for the day. Luckily those items in Sungai Wang were not really expensive! Otherwise...I will be broke! I seldom shopping at Sungai Wang due to their some design & quality are very bad and worldliness. But you can still figure out some nice stuff sometimes… if you really go to find it with your patient and close up your eyes to avoid those "lala" or "seafood" fashion.

This dress only cost me amount of RM39 and the stoking it was RM12.60.

Same design with 2 different colour. White color is easy to penetrate under the sun or water. It's more suitable to use as a clothes with a jeans or stocking at the bottom...otherwise, Grey colour is nice to wear as a short dress to show your nice leg ^^ it cost RM24 for each.

Lastly, I had prepared a present for my on-site supervisor. Fri was my last day as a trainee in G2. I learnt a lot from her. Need to guide such a noob as me was not an easy job. I really appreciate everything that she did. I think I will miss her…..